Naturopathy is treatment without any side effects, a slow but sure process. It is the system of treatment in which 7 elements are used to restore the health of a patient. Naturopathy says all diseases are the same, their causes are the same, and treatments are same. The causes of the diseases are the presence of foreign matter, which can be cured by the seven fundamental elements of the Earth. 


Facilities Available: 

- Steam bath

- Advanced massage

- Accupressure

- Tub bath, Miotherapy

- Yogic special course

- Mud therapy

- Urine Therapy

- Yoga nidra

- Spiritual discourse

- Meditation

- Dugdha Kalpa (Milk treatment)

- Hydrotherapy (Treatment using only water)



Cured here:

- Lumbago     - Gout      - Sciatica     - Paralysis     - Ulcer    

- Painful Menstruation    - Leucorrhoea     - Constipation     - Pneumonia  

- Eczema     - Acidity     - Fever     - Typhoid      - High/Low Blood Pressure    

- Tuberculosis      - Hernia     -Diabetes     -Jaundice     -Obesity     -Diarrhoea    

-Stomach ache      -Piles       -Tonsilitis     -Pyorrhea     -Sinusitis    

-Eye disease     -Headache     -Allergy    -Ear diseases.



Sri Aurobindo Ashram

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