Ramchandra Das

Ramchandra Das:


“Being born in the remote Himalayas with no schools, I spent my childhood roaming with cattle. At 12 I ran with a friend to India who left me in the streets without food and shelter. 

Despite the nice food and shelter I felt an inner thirst so I left the army and roamed to several places learning Sanskrit and English and simultanuously teaching these languages to the children. 

I then found a book by Sri Aurobindo which led me to Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry which answered my inner call. Doing Karmayoga and the guidance from the masters at the Ashram shattered my ego, material attachment and fear. 

After 20 years, I returned to Nepal. I was deeply moved by the suffering of the Himalayan children. Seeing 14 year old boys drunk in ditches, girls poorly educated, neglected and forced to work in back breaking jobs with seemingly no escape, streets and villages full of children, I saw parents, unable to support families. people lacking basic hygiene, and education, I felt the need to do something here. Thus I bought a little land in the foothills of Kathmandu and a stone house with no toilet. I started with one child. Slowly impoverished children started coming and the Ashram grew large in number. Now we are more than 250 people as our infrastructures have also developed gradually with the Divine grace, our relentless struggle and love and support from our friends and well wishers

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

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