2076 – Grade 8

Occupation, Business and Technology Education

Time : 1h30
Full Mark : 50


1. What is an agricultural expert? Mention the required qualification to be an agricultural expert and write the importance of it.

2. Suppose your friend’s brother is willing to go to foreign employment. List the sources from where he can get information about it.

3. List the name of technical education providing institutions in the content of Nepal. Introduce one of them


1. Define Business. How does marketing management play significant role in smooth operation of business

2. Nepal government has been encouraging the people living in city area to do vegetable farming on the roof. What are the benefits of doing vegetable farming on the roof ?

3. What is necessary of packaging in finished product? Explain

4. Write any four methods of drying fruits and vegetables. Describe any one.

5. List any five name of medicinal herbs with their part parts used and list diseases to be cured.

6. List the ingredients required to prepare « Sel Roti* » and write the process of « Sel Roti Making »

7. Write the name of tools which are used in wood and stone carving and also write their functions.

8. List the instruments which are used in sewing and write about their use.

9. Explain the method of quality control and storing of cattle product.

10. Poultry farming is going to be one of the major commercial occupation in Nepal. Justify this statement.

11. Explain about the method of pasture preservation of swine food.

12. What are the way pf preservation of fish product?

13. What are the advantage of bee keeping?


1. What is local technology? Write the disadvantages of traditional Owen (schupo).

2. Write any five code of conduct while using internet.

*For information : Sel roti is Nepali traditional bread. Sel roti are rounded edibles, compared to the shape of round donuts. However, Sel rotis are thin and biger in size. It is made mainly of Rice flour, water, sugar, cooking oil and ghee.People sometime prefer banana and coconut mixed on it.

Sel Roti is served as confectionery bread generally with Puri (another type of bread), tea and/ or other hot beverages.

Some use milk instead of water to make sel- paste. However, it is advisable to use water to preserve for longer period. Sel roti is made and served though out Nepal in the festival of Tihar (Dipawali), during wedding parties and other ceremonies. It is essential food in most of Nepalese cultural and traditional events.