Newsletter – 22 April 2020

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News from Nepal

The situation in Nepal
45 cases of COVID-19 have been counted so far, people returning from India or France. Not the spread-out till today and the cases are being counted. out of which 7 persons has recovered as 38 cases active that are noted as per the health ministry.

On March 13, Everest was already closed to the public. Then the entire country was put into containment on March 22, three days before India. Kathmandu has become a large, calm, and quiet village. No more planes, no more trucks or cars and therefore no more horns. Even the dogs have been silenced! They don’t have much opportunity to bark at passers-by anymore.

The atmosphere has cleared up and the city is now clearly visible. The Himalayas are beautiful when the sun shines. Right now it’s more like thunderstorm season. The weather is often foggy or cloudy.

Ville de Katmandou et L'Himalaya depuis l'ashram

Life in the Ashram
Here, In Ashram nothing has really changed… except that nobody goes to town anymore… and no more visitors arrive.
The children have been on vacation since March 22nd, 10 days before the normal date. They will return to school on the 28th as far as the ashram is concerned, which is autonomous in this kind of decision.
All of them have been able to take their exams, except for those who are in the tenth class and the kids studying in the colleges in Kathmandu. No news: they don’t know if they will finally pass their exams… if they will be able to integrate the schools… They are waiting.

Everybody’s in perfect health.
Their days take place through karma yoga, in the morning and TV after lunch – films or series around Hindu mythology, meditation or bhajans in the evening… and of course games.

We live normally. The atmosphere is joyful and lively. It livens up the neighborhood!
Today, April 21, the ashram is being thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the anniversary celebration of the founding of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir on the 24th.
Many have prepared songs, scenes and other performances.

Grand ménage avant anniversaire

The Finances
That’s when everything changes.
Tens of thousands of euros of revenue went out the window with contamination.

No more agricultural sales…except for some of the milk in Kathmandu. To be able to continue delivering, the young people get up at 3.30 a.m. for milking so that they can leave at 4.30 a.m. and return before the police are active. All the milk from the Terai is largely lost. They make panir – cheese – and ghee – clarified butter… but it is far from using the quantity produced.

All treks and groups have been canceled since February..
They probably won’t start up again until the fall.

But the big part is the French tour and the IDEC 2020.
We’re waiting for May 15th to see how it all evolves. However, we are already working on new projects to anticipate a cancellation of all the activities and to develop a minimum of resources in order to be able to assume the year.

This year, as in 2015 during the earthquakes, the support and help of all the friends in the world will be very precious..

New projects

The Web Activities

Ne are currently testing ways to develop activities via the internet:

  • Conferences
  • Yoga and yoga nidra sessions
  • Teaching, sharing and Q&A
  • Bhajans, concerts and dance shows with young people
  • Trainings
  • etc.

The objective of the game is to be able to :

  1. on the one hand, to be able to offer adequate pensions, with Ramchandra in Nepal, Abel and other partners in France, in case it is impossible for Ramchandra to come,
  2. and above of all develop the IDEC 2020 Web event, a big internet event that will be added to the event if it finally takes place, and that will offer an active and constructive solution in case of cancellation and therefore postponement to 2023 (the next two years of the IDEC are already scheduled in London and Taiwan I believe).
First step: Friday, May 1st
We offer you a spiritual Web-Sharing with Ramchandra.
It will be an opportunity to test, other than among ourselves, the relevance of such activities and to become familiar with this new way of sharing.

Rendez-vous :
Friday 1st May -at 10:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m.

Each session will last 30 to 35 minutes.
We are waiting to live these experiences and a few others related to IDEC, before embarking on a more professional and therefore costly dynamic.

If you are interested in this Web-Sharing with Ramchandra, please register using the form below.
The group size is limited!
We will give all the connection information two or three days before the appointment.

Subscribe to Web-Sharing

Please specify the schedule as follows:

1. 16h – Je participerai / 2. 10h – Je participerai
This tells us that you would like to participate in both sharing sessions, if possible, with a preference for 4pm first.

1. 10h – I will participate / 2. 16h – I am not available
This tells us that you are registering for the 10am session and there is no other possibility.

1. 10h – I will participate / 2. 16h – I will participate if there is no place at 10h
This tells us that you are registering for the 10am session… but can participate in the 4pm session if there is no more room at 10am.

Ramchandra’s tour in France

Events in June

The events between 12 and 28 June will take place without Ramchandra. Abel had assumed the rencontres which can be maintained and which will accept this development. We are currently preparing a 40-minute slideshow film to introduce SAYM and the ashrams.

Whenever possible, we will make arrangements to allow Ramchandra to propose one activity or the other via the internet during these events.

All this, of course, if Abel manages to get back to France before these dates!

Retreats with Ramchandra - and Rita

We are waiting for 15 May to see how the situation develops and what will be the possibility for a Nepalese to leave the country and come to France.


It's coming along!

Little by little, the realization of the web portal is progressing… but not as fast as it could be.
In fact, we are working at the same time, with Veda and Vishnu, on making and editing the web portal in English. This has resulted in a change of design… and therefore a lot more work. But it’s moving forward… when the brushes don’t get tangled between the pages of one portal and the other.

In particular, you can see the first 3 photo galleries!
It’s here. :

A first article was written on the occasion of the New Year in Nepal:
The Nepalese Calendar

A first trek has been put online. It is used as a basis to build the other offers of Auronepal Travel and Trek.
The Tsum Valley


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