To see your food grow before your eyes is a rare privilege in today's world. 


Since the start of the Ashram, not even the smallest patch of land has been left uncultivated or barren. The effluent from the cowshed and biogas is used as fertilizer for the plants.


We don't use a single grain of synthetic fertilizers in any of our crops.

The food grown in the farm is consumed at the Ashram, and some is sold at different organic markets throughout Kathmandu.


Self sustainability in food is also strongly emphasized at our branch in Terai. 


We have 15 Acres of cultivable land in Terai where we produce wheat, rice, corn, millet, vegetables, fruits etc.


We also have about 10 acres of cultivable land in the new Gulmi branch where we have begun the cultivation of vegetables and herbs.


All the products grown at the any of these branches can be purchased from the Ashram shop in Kathmandu. 
















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