Organic Farming

Om, Nema and Pushpa celebrating the season'scarrots!

Gathering techniques from a combination of recent innovations in permaculture technology in addition to local customs the ashram's farm is a testament to the power of sustainable agriculture.

Guests touring the mustard fields of Teria Ashram

Carrots, romaine and correander grown together fend off pests without the need for pesticides

Since its foundation, holistic, organic, sustainable agriculture has been an essential pillar of life at the ashram. Using no pesticides, no fertilizer the ashram produces sufficient food for all 200 of its inhabitats, and for the weekly farmers markets in Kathmandu.

Niropama gathering spinach for the weekly market

Potential Classes:


Intro to Permaculture - One week class covering the basics of what permaculture is and how the ashram employs them


Basics of Permaculture - Two week class going deep into plant pairings and traditional techniques used by the ashram


Intermediate Course - One month class where you can get down and dirty into farming life applying the theory you learn with the kids and farm managers


Advanced Course - Stay with us for an entire season to learn and watch the production of full season's produce, starting with prepping the fields and ending with delicious dinners consuming your hard-earned work!


Expert's Course - Stay for an entire year to truly immerse yourself into the essense of farming life. After this year, you will be able to start a farm wherever you go!

 Primary Location: Terai

 Other Locations: Gulmi, Kathmandu   

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