Organic Farming

Come learn how the Ashram supports its 200 inhabitants with 100% organic produce, generating zero waste through old traditions and recent innovations



 Join us for a yoga and meditation retreat or daily discourses and a hands on approach to learning 


Come and share your teaching talents in English, French, history, science and more! 


Use our trekking service for yoga and spirituality in the stunning mountains revered as gods by the local inhabitants 

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Nepali Music


A beautiful component of Hindu worship, classical dance something the Ashram is known for throughout Nepal and beyond. Come learn with our experts the motions and messages of classical Dance


Study in a community guided by ayurveda to learn ayurvedic philosophy, nutrition, healing, meditation and more!

(dependent upon availability of teacher)

Nepali Music

Learn tabla, harmonium, madal or any of the other many other Nepali folk instruments during your stay here with one of our skilled ashram students


Spend time with the kids learning how to stitch a kurta (Indian and Nepali dress), mend your own clothes, make bags and more!


Learn how to speak the native tongue of Nepal to further connect with our rich culture as you experience it during your stay



Experience the colorful wonders of Nepali cooking, learning about different masala (spices), health benefits of different vegetables, and more!


Come and volunteer, offer services in medicine, cooking, carpentry, engineering manual labor and more!

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

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