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Donation - In 2020, participate into the running of the SAYM


Take at your expense one or more expenses concerning the children and their life at the ashram …
an opportunity to get into the operation of SAYM
and to have a better understanding of its financial reality.

20 €
  • A big blanket or a davel for 1 bed.
  • Notebook for all for one week.
  • Drawing materials per person per year.
  • One jacket or one pair of clothes for each.
  • School bag one pair good quality.
  • One pair of school shoe.
50 €
  • The complete equipment of a young person for winter and warm pants, gloves, cap, socks and pajamas.
  • One matrace single bed.
  • Rice for one day all children.
  • Dal for one day all children.
  • Pencil for all for one month.
100 € – 10 € par mois
  • Ayurvedic medicine needed for seven children in winter.
  • College dress for one person.
  • Carpet for one room.
  • A small cupboard for a single child.
  • One day fruits for all children.
200 € – 15 € par mois
  • One time simple meal for all children.
  • One pair of shocks for all.
  • Warm cap one pair for all.
  • Stationary items for one month.
  • Monthly Shampoo for girls.
500 €
  • The complete layout of a new room for children: mosquito net, curtains, table, chairs, shelves and wardrobe.
  • Monthly washing bathing soaps for all.
  • Quilt cover for all.
  • Knife and mixture for kitchen use.
70 € par mois = 840 € pour l’année
  • One month of diesel and ashram vehicle maintenance.
  • Dal per month for all.
  • Rice for all for a month.
  • Cooking pots for kitchen.
  • Irrigation pipe and water pipe for organic agriculture.
  • Compost management funnel.
40 €
  • School book sets for children.
  • Vegetable for one meal.
  • Cooking oil and masala per day. (two meal)
  • Snacks for all the children for one time.
  • A birthday toffee per one person per time.
  • Wheat flour for chapati for one day.
75 €
  • Medicine for all for one week.
  • College book for one person for per year.
  • Sports tools for all for one month.
  • Monthly agriculture seeds.
  • One sets desks and bench for school.
150 €
  • All books of the year for a student.
  • A bungbed for two children.
  • Medium cupboard for two children.
  • Cylinder grass per month.
  • School uniform for two children.
300 €
  • One ton of rice, out of the40 needed for all ashrams.
  • Cow medicine expenses for all cows per month.
  • Two pair of rice cooker for six months.
  • Bed sheets one pair for all.
  • Agriculture tools for one year.
50 € par mois = 600 € pour l’année
  • Cows feed for one week for all.
  • Wheat for a months for all.
  • Note book for all children for six months.
  • College books stationary for six months.
  • One green house for sold green vegetable.

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