This year 2020 is truly special and undoubtedly marks a turning point in the life of SAYM.

Logo IDEC 2020

  1. Here in Nepal, everything is focused on the organization of the International Conference on Democratic Education – IDEC – which will take place from October 14 to 19, 2020 at the Ashram in Kathmandu, then from 20 to 22 in the Himalayas.

400 people from 40 countries are expected.

Suffice to say that the anthill of SAYM has been damn active for a few months already.

The ashram is changing. The IDEC site in English is still under construction. As the work progresses, the French site is also being built

In English:

In French:

Hôpital ayurvédique en construction

  1. The Ayurvedic hospital is under construction. It will serve as accommodation during IDEC. Next door, a kitchen for the hospital is also under construction. It will also be used during the meeting to feed all the participants.

Following IDEC, the hospital will start operating.

Binita, a child from the ashram, who has just completed medical school in Ayurveda, will be the chief medical officer. Around her, young people continue to train in naturopathy, Ayurvedic treatments and other therapies, such as therapy with singing bowls earlier this year.

  1. Construction of the new Guest-House begins.

Everything should be ready at the end of September to serve for IDEC 2020. This event accelerates things at high speed.

Then the main building will be reserved for children.

  1. Everywhere, walls of large stones are made to finalize the slopes which for more than 20 years have been in the ground. This makes it possible to make clean paths. All the traffic inside the ashram has been redesigned. The walls also allow you to have well-defined and full plots of the garden … or to create decorative plots, especially around the meditation temple.

Beyond all this, with the new school, the goal is to be able to double, in the more or less long term, the number of children in care.

  1. Ramprasad and Sushma are working to structure their offer of Ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments in Gulmi, in connection with the creation of the web portal and the trips that will be offered. The goal of the game in the more or less long term: that Gulmi becomes an International Center for pensions, internships, and care.

First page visible on the web portal:

  1. In Teraï, a group of French people has just arrived to create an autonomy project in terms of seeds is a permaculture project that will develop over several years, on the one hand, to allow the SAYM to have seeds adapted to its soil and climate, and on the other hand, to gradually develop the sale of organic seeds in Nepal… see elsewhere.

To get a better idea of ​​the project, visit their crowdfunding page

  1. At the same time, Auronepal Travel & trek lays the foundations for its development.

Many projects are emerging and are being created.

The French site is under development as part of the portal.

There is also talk of redoing the site in English on the same basis.

Pascaline and her agency Le Monde en Rendez-Vous, which markets Happymalaya trips, agrees to offer treks and other trips in their offers that SAYM and Auronepal Trek will implement.

They will come in April to discover the place and meet each other with a view to this partnership.

31 jan 2020

A new dynamic is therefore at work in which everyone can have their share of action and creativity.

All goodwill, all ideas and all initiatives are welcome to:

  • increase SAYM resources: donations, trips and stays in Nepal, development of pensions in France, etc.
  • publicize and sell the book
  • develop communication and the presence of SAYM on diverse and varied networks… and everywhere else: possibilities to participate in salons, yoga festivals, and other well-being, travel or music events, etc.
  • develop partnerships with foundations, vocational schools, companies, etc.
  • develop solidarity actions
  • write articles, create video documentaries, speak on the radio and anything that can be imagined to help publicize Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir, Auronepal Travel & Trek and the Tapobhumi Reception Center in Gulmi.

There is room for lots of people and lots of initiatives!

WELCOME to all who wish.

The SAYM being in a 100% united approach to educate the children coming from the most underprivileged areas of Nepal, the French association can profit from invitations or advantageous tariffs to be present on demonstrations and events and to communicate on the activities of SAYM, sell books, etc.