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Ashram of Gulmi

Reconnect with the Majesty of your Spiritual Being

Silence, clean air, fresh water and wide open spaces

Welcome to Sri Aurobindo Tapobhumi,
a place of life devoted to intense inner discipline,
for a healthy body, emotionally balanced,
an alert mind and an enlightened spirit.

Our Goal

Positioned like an eagle’s nest on the pristine heights of the pristine lands of Gulmi, at an altitude of 1910 m, this ashram is the 3rd and most recent of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir.
The first stone was laid in 2013. It dominates the valley, and several lines of ridges appear before us, like a plunge into infinite space.

Tapobhumi is a place intended to receive people from all over the world, who comes for a break… meditation… take time… walk… and rediscover simplicity, essentials, and peace.

A retreat space dedicated to Interior and Peace

Espace naturel de calme et de silence

The Hermitage of Gulmi was built to be a place of practice, meditation and return to oneself.

A reception and training center up to 40 people

Bâtiment d'accueil

It is a place for spiritual retreats, internships and health stays.

A health center Ayurvedic and naturopathic

Bain de vapeur

It is a favourable space for a return to essentials and to full health

100 % Ayurvedic

Ayurveda is the traditional system of Indian medicine, the oldest in the world and one of the most complete. It is a Sanskrit term which means: Science of the knowledge of life – There are treatises of surgery going back to more than 2000 years before BCE. It is a medicine based on permanent and eternal principles concerning the individual and his relationship with nature, like being a perpetual interaction between the body, the sense organs, the mind, and the soul.

100% Naturopathic

Naturopathy is the use of the power of nature to balance the five elements in our body: earth, water, fire, ether, and air.
Very close to nature and natural processes, without side effects, it offers great healing power. Expression of faith in natural resources, it is always focused on the root, cause of imbalance, and works on it. It is a complete therapy: yoga, pranayama – the yoga of conscious breathing, nutritional balance and other dimensions of life, directly related to health.

Dare to be adventurous in all dimensions

Gulmi is located in the region of Lumbini,
the birthplace of the Buddha.

Madane, the top that dominates the ashram,
is the source of four major rivers in Nepal.
It is a place of high spirituality
where many wise men have lived.







Upcoming special events

Happymalaya - Festival de Joie - Diwali katmandou - Anniversaire GulmiNov. 7 to 27, 2020

The Great Festival of Joy

Three weeks of festivities and joy with the children and young people of the ashrams who will be on holiday.
8 days of meetings around Inner Joy, education to joy and joyful sharing… then the Feast of Diwali in Kathmandu and Terai… and finally, the anniversary of the Hermitage on November 24th, the occasion of a great meeting with the inhabitants of the country.

This festive period will be followed by two Himalayan adventures:

1. A 12-day high mountain trek in Sherpa country to the Everest base camp (5364 m – 17598ft) and the Kala Pathar (5571 m – 18277ft).

2. A medium mountain trek and a 12-day discovery stay in Nepal (Program to come)

Les Himalayas de la SantéFrom 27 Apr. to 17 May 2021

Full Health Cure and Retirement

With Ramchandra
and the ashram therapists

Three-week stays at Sri Aurobindo Tapobhumi, accompanied by Ramchandra and therapists from Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir.
Putting into practice the foundations of Hermitage: three weeks devoted to an intense inner discipline, for a healthy body, balanced emotions, an alert mind, and an enlightened spirit.
Ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments.
Stay supervised by the doctor in Ayurveda of the ashram.

Let yourself be touched by the splendour!

Take the step… of your life!

No matter which way you go to get there,
one thing’s for sure: you won’t come back as before!

What time is it
in Kathmandu ?


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