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Ashram-School in Terai


In the Attic of the

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir

A children’s ashram in the heart of the fertile Terai lands

Sri Aurobindo Nagari Ashram in terai is a Garden of Eden, the Granary of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. It is a 13 hectare farm, close to the Narayani river and Chitwan national park.

Edge of the park, the rhino regularly visits the cultures of the ashram, fortunately, no more than two or three times a year.

An ashram is like a big rural family, warm and simple.

The Yoga Centre

The ashram regularly organizes large workshop sessions, over several days, open to all young people and adults in the area. There are often more than 100 to participate in these courses offered by the yoga teachers of the ashram.

The Guest House

Grande Chambre - Guest-House

In Terai, as in Kathmandu, a guest house can welcome visitors and travelers from all over the world.

Placed in the middle of nature, it offers a quiet space, with simple comfort but sufficient for Westerners with small rooms for two people, individually or in couple, or large rooms with 3 or 4 beds.

As in the Kathmandu ashram, warmth, joy and service are essential values. The family environment of this ashram, the natural and peaceful atmosphere … and the relaxed lifestyle of the climate make it an ideal ashram for families!


Sri Aurobindo Nagari offers quality vegetarian food, cooked from farm products in organic farming. Terai rice pudding has become a treademark.

The Trek Agency

Troupeau de cerfs

The trekking agency allows groups and visitors, during a stay to discover the ashram, to spend a few days in Chitwan National Park, to meet the rhino, deer and alligators, birds, even tigers if the luck is there, and flora. The agency likes to work with some Tharu guides, the first people of the Terai, with a great knowledge of the park, animals and plants.

The Organic Farm

Champ de céréales

The Terai ashram has about 13 hectares of cultivable land. Rice, millet, wheat, buckwheat, etc. various and varied vegetables, and fruits of all kinds are produced to feed all the ashrams of SAYM.

Légumes du Teraï

A herd of nearly 80 cows is raised at the ashram.

.Vache - Ashram du Teraï

The orchard

Bananiers - Ashram du Teraï

Even before the implementation of the ashram, Ramchandra brought back from Auroville various essences of fruit trees to plant in this ashram.
Today, it is rich in cinnamon trees, various banana trees, mango trees, lychees, papaya trees, pomegranate trees, and many others!

In 2020, hundreds of pineapples were planted on the edges of the ashram.

Bananiers - Ashram du Teraï

The School

Écolières - École de l'ashram

Based on the fundamental principle of Sri Aurobindo’s integral education, based on the idea that “nothing can be taught” because everything comes from inside, the school welcomes the children of the ashram:

from 5th to 7th class (CM2 to 5th)
At the Sri Aurobindo Nagari ashram in Terai, the rhythm and life of children is very different from Kathmandu.
School subjects are studied for a long morning.


The rest of the day is devoted to Karma-Yoga and learning farm activities: sowing, market gardening, orchard maintenance, compost, cows and barn care, milking, cooking, etc.
After their years of study, young people know how to do everything on a farm!

The main building of the ashram houses both the classes and all the inhabitants of the ashram.

Bâtiment principal - Ashram du Teraï

Meditation Hall

It is the first temple of meditation implemented in ashrams.
Its plans and construction were carried out from a vision of Ramchandra inspired by the Matrimandir of Auroville.

A great temple of Light surrounded by trees and flowers!

A Few Figures

40 children in grades 5, 6 and 7

Seven-eight dozen cows

10 hectares of land in organic farming: cereals, potatoes...

A one-hectare orchard: bananas, pineapple, papaya, mango, etc.

A rich and varied one-hectare vegetable garden

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