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The Context of Sponsorships

The social context

Each year in Nepal, 10,000 children under the age of 15 are sold into slavery in India and the Arab countries.
Among them, 7,000 girls are destined for sexual slavery.

It is a real scourge.
The recruiters are very experienced and use various methods, including seduction and the marriage plan. Parents do not know what will happen to their child, believing that these people are looking for good workers … or a strong and hardworking woman to start a beautiful family

Most of these young Nepalese come from the mountains, from areas still poor in school where many have no access to education. They are very hardworking and solid, like the Sherpa that the whole world knows. They are easy prey in this context.

Trafic d'enfants au Népal

SAYM’s Response

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir is an answer to this situation!

It offers a loving and respectful family, a dignified future and a responsible life to children, many of whom would have been likely to be part of these sad statistics.

Since 1993, the 700 children who have passed through Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir have avoided this outcome. Of course, this is a drop in the eye given the importance of this traffic, but these young people have already started to act to promote the education of the children of Nepal, which education allows them to get out of a certain ignorance. Some of these young people are doing remarkable things!

The Experience of  Ramchandra

During his exodus to India, from the age of 12, He saw the misdeeds of favoritism and privileges. He also suffered from it on certain occasions. From this life experience was born a course of action: never favor privilege, neither for itself nor for children.

2 testimonies of this line of conduct:

Dala, Ramchandra’s sister, once told me an anecdote from the beginnings of the ashram.
At that time, life was difficult. Resources were not abundant as was food. Ramchandra worked a lot from morning to night. Sometimes he would be absent during the day to go to Kathmandu to sell the incense they had made.
Returning from one of these days in town, in a time of rationing, Dala asked Ramchandra if he had bought a few bananas to eat during the day: “I cannot buy them for the children. So I don’t buy it for myself. ”
Dala told me this while crying.

Within the ashram, some children are orphans, others have a parent, and others still have father and mother. In order to avoid any privilege, any comparison and all that goes with it, all the children remain within the ashram. They do not go to their families, except at a very specific time. Parents can, of course, come to the ashram to visit, but all of them stay there.
This rule is one of the foundations of the ashram.
A child from a family whose house is just in front of the ashram, 30 meters away, had been taken in and was part of the big family. During all his years at the ashram, he never went to the family home. He lived like all other children … as if his parents lived far in the mountains.

In this context, only universal sponsorship was possible for Ramchandra and all the young people of the now-adult ashram.

Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir (Vidyalaya) School

Ashram school takes care to awaken the need for a new education. It is a humble initiative based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, promoting an education that aims to propel humanity towards understanding the hidden foundations of our existence and its role in the world.

Modern times call for integral education. According to Sri Aurobindo, “for education to be complete, its five fundamental aspects must correspond to the five main activities of the human being: the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual. The growth of all these aspects must continue simultaneously until the end of life. “

Sri Matri Aurobindo Vidyalaya School works very easily to achieve these objectives.
There are many things that educators and teachers must transform to be actors of the future in this world which has lost all sense, which no longer has any real coherence, which tramples on integrity and honesty and privileges power of wealth, lying, exploitation and manipulation.

Sri Matri Aurobindo Vidyalaya School is pleased to work in all humility, to imbue fundamental values ​​of harmony and solidarity, unity and joy in the real and contemporary world.

Une grande famille

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