Each visitor is invited to complete their suitcase (s) with clothes – in good condition – or some utensils and materials that the ashram needs.

Everyone generally has the option of travelling with luggage from 23 to 30 kg.
With Air India, some flights allow you to take two 23 kg suitcases. They are the only ones to allow this.
We invite you to choose this airline and these flights. Certainly, they are more expensive, but the additional cost is less than an additional 16 or 23 kg on another flight, whatever the company, it seems. But not all of them have been checked. Learn about the company you plan to take.

IMPORTANT: Do not buy pencils, notebooks, or anything to bring to Nepal, unless it is on the list. Better to bring the money with you and give it to the ashram for them to buy in Kathmandu. They can have 10 times more!


  • Various kitchen knives and utensils – strong and resistant.
    Vegetable peelers – strong and durable (metal rather than plastic).
    Tea strainers
    Strong and resistant blenders (Omni blend for example)


  • School supplies
    Tools for school laboratory: Microscope, small glass plates, etc.
    Balloon Planet – Continent and Country Maps (in English) – Nature Posters
    Video projector
    Wireless bluetooth PC connection mouse, with USB bluettoth PC connection key
    Individual and collective skipping ropes


  • Children’s clothes – from 8 years old (Nepalese are smaller), including key, fleeces, anoraks, and beanies for winter – No need to bring clothes for children up to 7 years old. The ashram already has a lot.
    Adolescent and adult clothing, including anoraks and soccer jerseys from well-known teams – Some young people like it!
    Jackets and adult jackets
    Flat and flexible shoes, boy and girl, from 35 to 44
  • Large and small special scissors for sewing
    Darning thread
    Sewing buttons
    Zipper sliders

Health and Beauty

  • Lice combs – mechanical and electrical –
    Natural make-up (nails, eyebrows, eyes, foundations, etc.)
    Sacred oil from Madagascar (Du Côté des Îles)
    Coconut Oil and Rosehip Oil

Bhagirathi, who came with Ramchandra in 2018 to present a sacred dance performance, is finishing her studies as a professional dancer Odissi. Her skin was damaged by unnatural make-up. The sacred oil of Madagascar is a wonderful oil to repair the skin: www.du-cote-des-iles.com

Daily life & Leisure

  • A few hundred meters of 3 or 4 mm rope (No clothesline with plastic around it)
    Used mobiles
    Ping pong rackets and balls
    Musical instruments: guitar, flutes, etc.
    Classical guitar strings (nylon)


From the moment your trip is scheduled, any initiatives you can have to raise some funds are welcome. And if you can only make a € 50 kitty, it’s already magnificent. Each hummingbird is important despite its small size.
Kitty, solidarity sales, solidarity workshops or courses, etc. your creativity can be limitless.
2 solutions are available to you for this financial solidarity:

  • Checks: it is entirely possible to go through the association Les Enfants de Ram. We group transfers for SAYM 2 to 3 times a year to save costs.
    Important: each transfer received from France costs € 30 at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. This is why we group them together.
    Cash: change everything you want to take into denominations of at least € 50 to give to the ashram on arrival. This facilitates the exchange.


Very Important: Arrived on-site, entrust everything you brought to a manager who will change to distribute it on time and to who needs it. Do not individually give one or other of the children a doll, a pair of shoes or a pencil, etc.
Sometimes, on the spot, there are also privileged relationships with one or other of the children or young people. Often there is a great temptation to buy something … to give gifts.
Ramchandra strives to provide education without selfishness and individual privilege.
Please do not short-circuit this background work! Individual gifts subtly nourish a sense of possessiveness despite all the good intentions of the heart which guide your actions.