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Integral Yoga

Sacred texts and ancient sages of India

Basically, in essence, every being that is born is pure and divine. The job of a lifetime is to lift all illusions, all limitations so that the Divine manifests through us. The Divine is there. The mind has power. Thought has power. Emotion has power. The body has a power…
Everything manifests according to this power. When everything is lifted up inside, it is the Divine Power that manifests through us, in every thought, every action and every breath.

All beings are united in this Self and this Spirit, but they feel separated in the consciousness that they have things and life, and most of the time, they ignore their true Self, they ignore Reality in the mind, in life, and in the body. They say, “I breathe” without realizing that the awareness that they have of themselves has nothing to do with this breathing, without realizing that they benefit from an immeasurable Intelligence that does this. It is she who breathes and transforms oxygen into a source of energy for the body.
It is possible, through a certain internal discipline, to pierce this veil of separate consciousness and to become aware of the true Self, of the Divinity in us, and in all.

The Supramental

Evolution is the path that liberates consciousness in man.
Consciousness appears little by little in what seems to be unconscious, and once it has appeared, it is itself naturally pushed to grow, to enlarge and to develop towards ever greater perfection, until this Pure Consciousness which is spiritual and supramental. This was the evolutionary path of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
The next stage in human evolution is the development of the Supermind and the Spirit as the dominant power in the conscious being. Then the Divine Consciousness will be involved and active in things and will be released entirely. It will become possible for life to manifest Perfection.

The first stages of evolution were made by Nature without a conscious will in plant and animal life. With the advent of man, Nature became able to evolve by the conscious will. But it is not by the mental will in man that it can be done entirely, for the mind only goes to a certain point. There is a turning point in consciousness which is necessary for the mind to change into a higher principle. In the past, it has been tempted by a distancing from the world and a disappearance at the top of the Self or the Spirit. It was the time of the hermits. Today, this turning point must be found through a certain discipline and the practice of true yoga which is a thousand times greater and deeper than the simple asanas of yoga known in the West.

Message de la Mère

There will come a time when ignorance of the mind, or its very limited knowledge, will be replaced by supramental Truth. The supramental will become the instrument that will allow the human being to find himself, both dynamically and internally, in order to pass from his still animal humanity into a more divine race.
Before it happens at the level of humanity, it is a path of evolution that every human being can live, as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother experienced.

This is the discipline of Integral Yoga, the aim of which is to open all the parts of being to conversion, or transformation, by the descent of the supramental principle which is still hidden.

The first time at the Pondicherry Ashram

It took place on Wednesday, February 29, 1956: this new force descended on the world to make its mark.

Ouverture de la porte du SupramentalEveryone was invited to meditate at the Pondicherry ashram every Wednesday and Saturday.
On that day, meditation began.
The Mother was present. Everyone was in silence.

Suddenly, the Mother saw, in front of her, a huge gold door, very bright, closed by a big gold lock. She saw a big gold hammer in front of her. Then she knew it was time. She took the hammer and broke the lock. The door opened, and a fantastic abundance of golden light descended all over the earth.
Then she declared that this day was a very special day.

Since then, every four years, leap years, there is the celebration of this supramental descent on earth which was like a seed in the deification of cells. The next celebration will take place on February 29, 2020. It will be at the Kathmandu ashram for us.

“People who are ready internally, who are open and who are in touch with the higher forces; people who have had more or less direct personal contact with the supramental Light and Consciousness, these are capable of feeling the difference in the terrestrial atmosphere.
But for that … Only the fellow can know the fellow. There is only the supramental consciousness in an individual who can perceive this Supermind acting in the terrestrial atmosphere. Those who, for whatever reason, have developed this perception, can see Him. “
Mother’s Diary, May 2, 1956

Parole de la Mère

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