Located in the Terai plains of Nepal, about 200 km east of KTM near the banks of sacred Narayani river and the birth place of Buddha, this is a center which inherits the natural beauty and spiritual essence.


In about 20 acres of agricultural land, we cultivate paddy, wheat, millet, barley, corn and vegetables. With an attempt to build a community like Auroville, The city of Dawn, a once barren land is now revitalized with lush greenery.


This branch is ideal for all those who desire to set up a society with total harmony by progressing inwardly and outwardly. Activities include same as that of the Kathmandu center with major focus on agriculture and ecology. We have a built a beautiful meditation hall which can accommodate up to 500 people. 

Organic Farming

Come learn how the Ashram supports its 200 inhabitants with 100% organic produce, generating zero waste through old traditions and recent innovations


Walk through the fields and experience the tural life of Terai


A beautiful component of Hindu worship, classical dance something the Ashram is known for throughout Nepal and beyond. Come learn with our experts the motions and messages of classical Dance


Help prepare the daily meals prepped entirely with local grains and vegetables


Sit daily discourses with the Ashram's founder, morning yoga, and nightly programs (chanting or meditation)


Come and offer your services! Help with maintenence, tending to the cows, teaching in our select school and more!


Study in a community guided by ayurveda to learn ayurvedic philosophy, nutrition, healing, meditation and more!

(dependent upon availability of teacher)

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Tribhuvan Rajpath, Chandragiri 44600, Nepal
Chandragiri - 06, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O BOX: 1993

Phone: +977-1-4312157, 4312085
Cell: +977- 9851103156

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