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Prem Bhusal - Chief Manager of Auronepal Travel & Trek

Prem Bhusal

Prem Bhusal - Portrait

My History

I am Prem Bhusal

I joined ashram at the age of 8 years.
Its been 22 years regularly staying in Ashram.

I did my primary studies from Ashram school.
I started my higher studies in Business studies but I was not satisfied and I left business studies and join travel and Trekking courses. It is my keen interest be close with the nature and to know our own culture, tradition and share my ideas of our rich culture, tradition and discovering the untouched natural beauty of Nepal.

when I started to be close with the nature my inner thirst increase to know more of my inner self and the importance of these beautiful mountains, rivers, wildlife and unending beauty of natural resources so I find yoga is best subject which will fulfill my inner quarry. So I did a diploma in yoga from (Bihar school of yoga – India), then I did Bsc in yoga from Svyasa (swami Vivekananda yoga anusthan samasthana) and I am doing Msc in yoga from the same university.
Now I am very happy to do further studies in yoga which is helping me to fulfill my inner thirst.

The beauty of human life is to know oneself and to find inner happiness which exists within us but we search happiness in external world,we fail to perceive, as conclusion we become sad.
Being a Ashram inmate I understand everything is within us and we human being has inherent ability to discover all our answers which lies within us.

Prem Bhusal - My life as a trek guide

My Life as a Trekking Guide

I begin my Trekking with some of our ashram guests… as a friend.

When we walk together we share our views, ideas, exchange of inner experiences, talk about, culture, tradition, of two different countries, and share our thoughts on different topics which was very interesting for me.
We walk on the base of white big mountains, bank of rivers with melodies of different birds, touching different flowers and resting under varieties of trees, and seeing millions of stars at night from high altitude I find it is great work to do.

Apart from that I find people are so happy, simple, heart touching and very loving, they are always welcoming which touch my heart and I realize that who are close to nature they are as soft as nature. They always want to share their happiness, care for all and they have love for all so to be in close to nature, to be happy.
Share our happiness it’s the best things .

Mountains have great significance for me.
It is not only a combination of hard stones, soil, and snow.
It has a direct inner connection with our physical, mental, inner soul.
Climbing the mountains help to improve our physical health, in mental level calms our mind and brings positivity, and it helps to soften our heart like white snow topped at high mountains which brings endless joy, peace and tranquility within us.

So Mountains are a form of divinity in nature.
It’s a great gift for humans .


Prem Bhusal - My life as a trek guide

My Chinese portrait

If I were a mountain,
I would enjoy the melodious sound of birds, talking with nature and gazing at the bright stars… trying to touch them and sharing the peace, calm and magnificent white beauty to humans who come closer to me.

If I were a river,
I would be kaligandaki – Krishna Gandaki.
It is the river where lord Krishna resides in the form of black stone called salikram so I want to stay in his presence chatting his name with thousands of devotees and joining with them to search for salikram.

If I were a tree,
I would be Neem tree.
These days people are unhealthy. They could use me as medicine, due to excessive use of chemicals, crops are unhealthy, I could be their natural alternative, air become polluted, I could be a purifier emitting 24 hours oxygen for the environment.