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INDEC 2020

Web INDEC 2020

Web Indian Democratic Education Conference


Web-InDEC is joining Web-IDEC conference. 
Here you can register your participation, find about our Keynote speakers, find program overview, and make financial contribution.
To CREATE YOUR EVENT, view AGENDA and upcoming events and activities you will be directed to Open Space.

Join this Free Web Education Conference!

What is InIDEC?

Shanti in education. 

India Democratic Education Conference 2019 brings together individuals, schools, learning organisations, those concerned about appropriate learning spaces available for children, education departments, universities along with a range of children, young people, parents and educators.

The IDEC – International Democratic Education Conference – initiated by a group of educators, celebrated its 25th edition in Bangalore, India in November 2018. From IDEC, regional offshoots were started to meet more regularly and to reach out to more people in the local area. EUDEC was started for Europe; APDEC for Asia-Pacific countries, with India being a part of it; and country-specific DECs, of which InDEC is for India.

Though the regional conferences are broadly meant for people from that region, interested people from all over the world may participate, if they want to. InDEC too, may have its share of people coming from other countries.

Date: November 6th 2020

INDEC 2020

Open Space

One of the salient features of the IDEC, InDEC, ApDEC Conference is Open Space. It provides an equal opportunity for all to participate in their own desired way. To be able to organize your own talks, meetings, roundtables, exchanges, discussion groups, educational and fun activities, and being able to invite fellow participants to join in your activity is the salient feature of Open Space.
This is an event by you, to you, and for you.

Make Open Space an expression of creativity. 

How is this going to happen?

We have created a Yeswiki website,  a space where everyone, student, parent, teacher and educator, schools, associations and collectives, anywhere in the world, can propose a meeting or activity which will be immediately visible on the calendar.

Create your activity


Each participant is a presenter and every presenter is a participant.

We invite all of you to join Web-InDEC 2020, build Educational network and have experience of lifetime. 

InDEC participants are most welcome to participate at Web-IDEC. Web-IDEC 2020 is powered by some of the world renowned people from different walks of life. Many of them have years of experience working in the field of Education in different parts of the world.

About thirty international speakers
From different countries, different culture
And from different walks of life!

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INDEC 2020

The Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers from different continents and countries.
Celebrating Education with these lovely people, up close and personal.

Let’s inspire and aspire!

Send us an email to the part of the Keynote speakers.

Peter Gray


Marc & Cathy Vella


Joseph Rathinam
Joseph Rathinam


Armelle Six


Kageki Asakura


Sheeba & Sanjiv


Marko Koskinen


Henry Readhead


“None of the things that children need to learn should ever seem like a burden or be imposed on them as a task. Any study thus proposed becomes painful, and the mind is averse to it, even if it was previously the object of pleasure or indifference.
John Locke, 1963

The background color represents the language of the talk or presentation.

English Language

French Language

Bilingual French – English

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INDEC 2020

Support Us!

Financial Contribution

The Web-event is free of cost. 

We invite you to make a financial contribution.

We want everyone to be able to take part in the event, regardless of their situation and location.

The event will be accessible to Schools / Colleges / Universities / Any organisation that is interested to incorporate democratic structures or institutions or communities inside and outside India.

  • InDEC is for regular schools and alternative education programmes
  • InDEC is for Home-schooling and Non-Schooling communities
  • InDEC is for anyone who is interested in Democracy as a way of life
  • The Democratic Education Conference brings together people from a wide range of education experience to share, reflect and evolve. 
    You can choose to contribute on behalf of people who cannot.

How much should you donate?

We suggest that you give 250, 500, 750, 100 or 1250 INRs or more, depending on your possibilities, the degree of your participation, and your impulse to give.

In any case, we are filled with gratitude for your participation in this adventure!


To support our commitment and total investment

We are investing a lot of money and a lot of time to implement this whole organization and prepare for IDEC 2022 :

  • Video Conferencing Setup
  • Translators
  • Internet solutions
  • Webpage developer
  • Webmaster
  • Newsletter and other online solutions
To be able to pay for some of the speakers

We would like to be able to offer financial participation to certain speakers
who themselves need it for their collective and solidarity projects… or simply to support their families.
Many of them don’t count their time or their investments.

To support our children

Our organization is very strongly impacted by the financial consequences of the economic downturn.
We lost more than half of our resources for the year,
when the expenses are absolutely identical:
There are always 250 people to take care of, everyone’s schooling, everyone’s health,
the 140 cows, fields, crops, buildings, utilities… etc…

To support many nepalese families

We incurred a lot of expenses to be ready to host the big IDEC meeting that we had to cancel.

Before this international situation began,
we had contracted several Nepalese families to carry out some major works.
They are now totally dependent on these contracts to make a living.
We are doing our best to keep our commitments and allow them to survive,
after three months without resources.

Thank You!

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What about Registering?

Would you like to participate at Web IDEC 2020?

Sign up below! We will keep you informed!

Contact the organizers:
Veda Pandeya (English) : +977 986 03 17 936
Amukta Mahapatra (for InDEC): +91 99012 28442

and Abel Millot (French) : +33 699 82 95 25

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INDEC 2020

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