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Marc Vella

Marc Vella

Armelle Six


Marko Koskinen

Marko Koskinen - Web IDEC 2020

Sandra Meunier

Sandra Meunier - Heros de la Joie

Abel Millot

Abel Millot - Pédagogie Universelle

Christel Hartkamp

Christel Hartkamp

Eunice Owino

Eunice Owino

Emmanuelle Araujo C

Emmanuelle Araujo

Mike Weimann

Mike Weimann

Katerina Botvinnik

Katerina Botvinnik

Virginie Limousin

Virginie Limousin

Marc Vella – FranceReturn row 1 Speakers

Marc Vella – France

Conference in English

Marc VellaNomadic pianist, Composer, Author, Lecturer.
1st Prize for Composition at the TIm in Rome in 1999. Author of the Best-Seller “Eloge de la Fausse Note”.
Founder of the Love Caravan and the School of the False Note.

With his grand piano, he has travelled nearly 300,000 kms on the roads and paths of nearly 50 countries to celebrate the human.
He gives concerts-conferences all over the world and intervenes in many environments: prisons, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.
Creator of emergency concerts, he regularly gives workshops ”Living in joy the music of life” intended for professionals as well as amateurs and laymen.
La Caravane Amoureuse was created in 2004, at the beginning of the international decade for the promotion of a culture of non-violence and peace led by UNESCO.

To date he has recorded 10 CDs. Several DVDs have been made about his adventures.

Conference :

Quint & Sense

When your self and your nature are married, the inner Quint leading to your essence is realized. Then your quintessence is revealed, which the world hopes for… As long as you are out of your quintessence, life is shattering you…


Armelle Six – BelgiumReturn row 1 Speakers

Armelle Six – Belgium

Conference in English

Armelle SixSpiritual Teacher, Author, Lecturer.
She has a very deep experience in the art of daily presence and listening, as well as conscious parenting.

« If the world is the way it is, it is in my opinion because of a lack of education.
When I talk about education, I am not talking about a degree but about education about what is the essence of all things and all people. Indeed, for the most part, we do not know who we are in essence. Not knowing who we are at the heart of our being, we cannot know who the other is, what the nature around us is, what the Living is. We believe we are separated from each other and from everything, and so we live in a world of lack and fear. While everything is in us and a well of wisdom lies dormant in our Being. I therefore invite you, through this conference, to a reversal of perspective on how we see life and to reconnect to the sparkle of life that is the origin of our Being.

Let us wake up so that the world awakens within us and with us!

Change is individual before it is collective. Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” »

Conference :

Natural learning : practicing a deep listening of life within oneself

What if we would create schools in which the essence of things and of what we are is taught from the youngest age ?  A school in which children would practice a deep listening of their Being and follow their inner wisdom. A school in which teacher would be guides. Imagine a school in which we teach and support difference and each one’s uniqueness, as well  as recognizing the unique nature of all!
There’s a wisdom that knows what’s the timing of everything. I truly believe there’s a timing for everyone’s learning. So let’s listen to it. What world could we create from there ?



Marko Koskinen – FinlandeReturn row 1 Speakers

Marko Koskinen – Finland

Conference in English

Marko KoskinenComputer scientist, Founder of the Pheonix School, the first democratic school and the first online school in Finland.

It is based on an autonomous home school system with a Data Builders learning environment designed especially for the school. It is a student-centred system of active learning, socialisation, peer learning and information retrieval that allows the complete primary school cycle to be completed from start to finish.
Marko Koskinen created the student-centred software. They are thus completely autonomous in their learning. In Finland, a pupil has completed primary school when he or she has completed all the compulsory subjects in all the required components and topics. By law, a pupil must attend school for ten years after starting primary school, but there is nothing to prevent the pupil from completing primary school more quickly. After completing primary school, the pupil is no longer in school.

He has made a significant contribution to building the EUDEC community.

Conference :

The Purpose of Democratic Education

Democratic education has been around for quite a while. It is still a very marginalized form of education and available mostly to a very few already privileged children. For those few children it gives a great basis for their lives. But what is our goal outside this small community? How can democratic education be a force for change in the wide world? How can we respond to the new challenges the world is facing?


Logo Titre Web IDEC 2020

Sandra Meunier– FranceRetour ligne 1 Conférenciers

Sandra Meunier – France

Bilingual Conference in French with traduction in English (Deonne Parker)

Sandra MeunierSandra Meunier is an art therapist, creator of joy and international speaker.
She founded Neztoiles “If you can’t change your life, you can change the way you look at it”, a joyful accompaniment to the hospital.
 The question of joy has always been central in her life. 
How do we find it, how do we maintain it, how do we find it and what kind of joy are we talking about?
 To embody this joy, she created a fairy-tale and joyful character, Anabelle in 2002. For the past 18 years, this character has allowed her to bring deep joy, to connect the beings in them and to propose a vision of elevation with humor, creativity and enchantment, whether it be with sick and dying adults or with children at school.

She is the author of the educational device for children at school ” Land of joy, wellness objective ” published in April 2019, a game on education for joy and altruism through creative meditative practices. Children are brought to become superheroes of joy. This device has been successfully tested in France for 1 year with teachers, as part of an online pedagogical project, LEA, involving 130,000 teachers.

TERRE DE JOIE, also became in 2019 an educational musical show with 7 musicians of the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra and a pedagogical project of the National Education of Monaco.

Conference :

Let’s re-enchant education, let’s dare joy!

What if we got the children used to becoming the greatest hero on Earth? 
What if we set the example of those who embody pacification, empathy and generosity? Becoming an altruistic and happy hero is something that can be passed on.
 At the heart of the reenchantment of education, how can we teach with joy and serenity? 
A pedagogical challenge within everyone’s reach.

Abel Millot – FranceRetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Abel Millot – France

Conference in French with translation in English (Deonne Parker)

Abel MillotPedagogue, Teacher, Trainer, Writer and Artist.

Writer of the book narrated by Ramchandra Das ” Ramchandra, the Child of the Himalayas “. Founder of Orâma – Sacred Songs of the World. Author, composer, performer.
Co-creator of Web IDEC 2020.

Fell into a pot of pedagogical potion, he teaches mathematics and skiing from the age of 12. From board sports to clowning, through school and training of therapists, he is constantly developing an amazing pedagogical creativity, rediscovering the foundations of universal and integral pedagogy.

He tells us about his forty-five years of experience… when the soul is at the heart of the action… and when magic is invited into the situations and at the heart of the learning process.

Conference :

Universal Pedagogy

A journey to the heart of an educational adventure that began in childhood… that has crossed various disciplines and environments. A long pilgrimage towards the Essential!

Christel Hartkamp – NetherlandsRetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Christel Hartkamp – Netherlands

Conference in English

Christel HartkampAfter studying Geology and having finished a PhD at the Technical University in Delft, Christel worked for more than 15 years in the oil industry and lived with her husband and three daughters in Oman for four years until 1998.

Returning from Oman to the Netherlands, their eldest daughter became depressed from school when she was eight years old. This initiated a complete turnaround in the life of Christel and her husband. She started to focus more and more on alternative forms of education and eventually came to the most radical form “the Sudbury Model”.

From 2002 onwards she and her husband were involved in founding Sudbury model schools in the Netherlands. Her deep interest in how children learn in these schools, has recently resulted in a second PhD research.

Christel now has almost 20 years of experience with the Sudbury model and her children are adults now. She has published about her experience in books and gave many lectures.

Conference :

Beyond “Childism”

The way children are treated is captured in an image that has been reinforced over the centuries. This has gone so slowly that it is not called into question. Children and young people cannot show how they would really develop outside the context of traditionally grown education. The fear that we will then deprive children and deprive them of their future is great. The question is, is this fear grounded? Or is there a cause-and-effect reversal here? Are children really vulnerable, innocent, incompetent and incomplete, or does our urge to care for and protect children keep them in a position of dependence, which reinforces this image of them?


Eunice Owino – KenyaRetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Eunice Owino – Kenya

Conference in English

Eunice OwinoCo-founder and CEO of Centre for Women Empowerment in Technology (CWE-TECH).  Experienced Educationist, Instructional Designer expert with a demonstrated experience in e-learning content development and using Human Centered Design including prototyping.

Eunice Owino has worked with both the government and non-governmental organizations gaining broad scope of experience and interactions. Expertise in policy making, education matters, leadership management, financial Management, Fundraising, sexual reproductive health training, Program Development, and Community Outreach. Strong social sciences skills, professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Master in Sociology and Rural Sociology from University of Nairobi. Currently working on her doctoral research.

Eunice is an East Africa Acumen Fellow for 2018 Cohort. She is also the 2019/2020 World Pulse Ambassador to Kenya on Women and Girl-child issues.

Conference :

QR Codes: A Tool Belt for Teachers

During COVID-19 pandemic globally we witnessed the suspension of face to face teaching and learning, strengthening the technology aided learning. One of these technologies is the use of Quick Response (QR) Codes for learning.  QR Codes is a great tool belt for teachers; it can create engagements, manage learners, open document files or a video or audio file among others. The codes are quick, reliable, time saving and very friendly for leaners. During the session we will be able to get a step by step guide on creating information to be accessed using QR Codes.


Emmanuelle Araujo Calçada – FranceRetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Emmanuelle Araujo Calçada – France

Bilingual Conference in French with traduction in English (Deonne Parker)

Emmanuelle Araujo CalçadaEmmanuelle obtained a PhD in Ecology, believing that becoming a researcher was the best way to answer the ecological crisis. However, she realized that despite the fact that the scientific world knows the findings and the solutions, the society continues to run into the wall. The problem is elsewhere: it is political and social. After working as journalist, Emmanuelle turned to education, to really get to the roots of violence, injustice and environmental destruction. She understood that the way our society treats children is a major issue, ‘the cause of the causes’ that leads to dramatic consequences at all levels. She joined EUDEC France from its inception and went through the different steps of creating a democratic school project except its realisation. She worked as a staff member in another democratic school. Now she shares her thoughts about education by writing articles and giving lectures. She has been training in NonViolent Communication since 2016, a powerful approach to reconcile with oneself, with others and with humanity.

Conference :

Childhood is political: the key for ecological and social change

As long as we do not change the way we see and treat children, we will not transform society ecologically and socially. It is still a blind spot in politics: it must change urgently.

Mike Weimann – GermanyRetour ligne 3 Conférenciers

Mike Weimann – Germany

Conference in English

Mike WeimannChildren’s rights activist for many years
Author of a book about voting right for children

He organized and hosted the IDEC 2005 in Berlin
Member of the European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC) from the very beginning

Co-founder and staff member (until 2017) of a democratic school in Berlin 2008

Currently collecting and publishing parents’ sayings

Conference :

What can regular schools change to become democratic and more

Typical charateristics of conventional schools and how to change them.


Katerina Botvinnik – UkraineRetour ligne 3 Conférenciers

Katerina Botvinnik – Ukraine

Conference in English

Katerina BotvinnikAlternative education activist from Vinnytsia Ukraine, graduated the very first alternative school in Ukraine (Stork Family School).

Co-organized local educational festival (Educational Experiment 2018), co-organized IDEC-EUDEC 2019 in Ukraine, co-founder of democratic school “One Crazy School”, now takes part in organizing Summerhill Festival of Childhood 2021.


Our own little free school. To be or not to be?

What main bonuses we get from building alternative education community in our area? Dark side of idea to start your own school.  What difficulties we have to face and how to deal with it.
How to organize local educational events without burning out. Why we never say that we have built our school “for kids”?


Virginie Limousin – FranceRetour ligne 3 Conférenciers

Virginie Limousin – France

Conference in French with translation in English (Deonne Parker)

Virginie LimousinPsychopratician, children’s play therapist, parental coach, youth author specialising in emotional intelligence, Virginie is also a yoga teacher.

The mother of two boys who are now teenagers, she has long practiced family instruction and is passionate about free and autonomous learning. Since her youth, she has never stopped trying to understand the mechanisms of happiness and suffering.

In recent years, a series of personal hardships, including breast cancer, has led her to pursue her research ardently. And finally, she met herself. She discovered the true nature of the human being deep inside her, the space where one is at peace regardless of external circumstances.

This path allows her today to talk about inner happiness… The one we all know or sense… The one we can pass on to children because it is the most precious gift to offer them.

Conference :

What model should be offered to children so that they hold the keys to inner happiness?

Babies are enthusiastic and open to life by nature. On average, they smile 400 times a day, compared to 20 for an adult… Children build themselves by being immersed in their environment and their spontaneity often fades away… However, they absolutely need us to grow up! So what model should we offer children so that they hold the keys to inner happiness?