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Kate Robinson

United Kingdom
Sir Ken and Kate Robinson

Peter Gray


Zoe & Henry Readhead

United Kingdom
Zoe & Henry Readhead

Jenifer Fox

United Kingdom
Jenifer Fox

Helen E Lees

United Kingdom
Elen E Lees

Stuart Grauer

Dr. Stuart Grauer - ISEFF

Jerry Mintz




Thierry Pardo

Thierry Pardo - La Piraterie Éducative

Derry Hannam

United Kingdom
Derry Hannam

Ian Cunningham

United Kingdom
Ian Cunningham

Richard Fransham

Richard Fransham

Kate Robinson – United KingdomReturn row 1 Speakers

Kate Robinson – United Kingdom

Conference in English

Sir Ken and Kate RobinsonFounder-Director of Nevergrey

Kate Robinson is an international consultant in creativity and innovation in education.

Kate’s expertise lies in raising the profile of inspiring initiatives, with a particular focus on startups and building strong partnerships with a social purpose.

Her passion lies in engaging youth voice, and through this work has been awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Education Empowerment.

Conference :

Sir Ken Robinson through the eyes of Kate Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson was a New York Times bestselling author, a global creative and cultural education expert, and the most watched speaker in TED’s history. He dedicated his life to the everyday miracles that happen in education, tirelessly campaigning and advocating for the creative potential of young people, and encouraging every one of us to find our life’s passions. Join Sir Ken’s daughter, Kate Robinson, international consultant in creativity and innovation in education, to honor Sir Ken’s life and his legacy.

Peter Gray – USAReturn row 1 Speakers

Peter Gray – USA

Conference in English with translation in French

Peter GrayPsychologist, researcher, professor of psychology.
Author of Free to Learn: Why releasing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more confident and better students for life, and writes a popular blog called “Freedom to Learn”.

He is a well-known critic of standard educational systems and is frequently invited to speak to groups of educators, parents, and researchers about children’s needs for free play, the psychological damage inflicted on children through our present methods of schooling, and the ways in which children are designed, by natural selection, to control their own education.

He is a founder and current board president of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, which is dedicated to promoting opportunities for Self-directed education for children and teenagers as replacement for coercive schooling.
He is also a founder and board member of Let Grow, which is dedicated to renewing children’s freedom to play and explore, outdoors, in public spaces, without continuous adult supervision.

Conference :

Mother Nature’s Pedagogy:  The Biology of Self-Directed Education.

Children come into the world exquisitely designed by natural selection to learn about the physical, social, and cultural world around them.  In this talk–based on cross-cultural research, laboratory studies, and my own research at alternative educational settings in the United States–I will describe how children’s instincts to explore, play, bond with others, and take charge of their own lives provide the natural foundation for education.  I will also describe the conditions in which these educative instincts seem to operate best.


Zoe & Henry Readhead – United KingdomReturn row 1 Speakers

Zoe & Henry Readhead – United Kingdom

Conference in English

Zoe & Henry ReadheadPrincipal and Vice-Principal of the Summerhill School in England.
Zoe and Henry Readhead are the grand children of Alexander Sutherland Neil, the founder of the Summerhill School, where he grew up.
Summerhill is the very first free school where adults and children have equal status. It was founded almost a century ago. The philosophy of the school is to allow the freedom of the individual – each child being able to follow his or her own path in life, following his or her own interests to develop into the person they personally feel they are destined to be.

As a music teacher, Henry teaches singing and musical techniques.

He is also an exciting speaker invited in many countries to speak about free and democratic education.

Conference :

A Hundred Years of Children’s Freedom – A.S.Neill’s Summerhill

Looking at what we have learned from 100 years of children’s freedom. The school that began as an experiment and is now a proven model of alternative values in education. 2021 will be the year of our centenary. A historical moment for all advocating freedom, democracy, equality and children’s rights. Pop by to find out how you can join in the celebrations and get the latest information about the coming Summerhill Festival of Childhood. 


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Jenifer Fox– United KingdomReturn row 1 Speakers

Jenifer Fox – United Kingdom

Conférence bilingue en anglais avec traduction en Français

Jenifer FoxJenifer Fox is an internationally award-winning author of “Your Child’s Strengths” (Viking/Penguin ) and “The Differentiated Instruction”  Josse-Bass.

As a practitioner, Jenifer has created school programs, and founded schools based on her personalized learning model. Recently, Fox designed and implemented The Delta School, a prek-12th grade project-based learning school for which she created a Maker’s Curriculum to serve as the basis for developing place-based projects.

Currently, Jenifer is the Head of Berkshire Country Day School in Stockbridge, MA.
Ms Fox believes everyone was born with a unique purpose and she has devoted her 30-year career to helping parents and teachers see the unique beauty in each child and help to discover the meaningful contribution that every child can contribute to the world. Jenifer Fox holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and two Masters Degrees: an MA from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English and an M.Ed. from Harvard University.

Conference :

A Child’s Search for Meaning

The people of the world are hurting. We are increasingly polarized and desperate for new voices of hope.  We don’t know what the future will hold, but we can and must consciously and urgently attend to educating our children.  In this talk, Fox explains how we can infuse education with meaning and why that is the single most important goal of education today.


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Dr Helen E Lees – United KingdomRetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Dr Helen E Lees – United Kingdom

Conference in English

Helen E LeesDr Helen E. Lees Founder and Editor in chief of Other Education – the journal of educational alternatives and co-editor of the book series Palgrave Studies in Alternative Education

Author of Silence in Schools and Education Without Schools – discovering alternatives.
Co editor of the Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education.

Conference :

Where are the Missing Women Leaders of Alternative Education?


Stuart Grauer – USARetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Stuart Grauer – USA

Conference in English

Stuart GrauerFounder of the Grauer School, Lecturer.
Author of “Teaching without Fear”.

An intrepid educator, he founded the Grauer School shortly after completing his doctorate at the University of San Diego, after 17 years spent in six other public and private schools. His tireless passion, revolutionary vision and leadership in education have had a fundamental impact on school and society in his hometown of Encinitas, California, the United States and around the world.

He is the founder of the Small Schools Coalition and a global authority in the small school movement.

He is also very involved in humanitarian work: over the past three decades, he has implemented various humanitarian and environmental programs in his local community and around the world.

Conference :

The Moon In a Jar:  How Schools Find “Pockets of Democracy”  to Promote Student Freedom

While many schools want to be more democratic, few can realistically create their entire programming around this process. How can all schools create the conditions for increasing student voice, and the promotion of personal passions? “Pocket’s of Democracy,” a phase Stuart coined on one of Bernard Bull’s “Moonshot” podcasts, are the areas we find in virtually all school formats, in our search for realistic ways to increase democracy and freedom.


Jerry Mintz – USARetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Jerry Mintz – USA

Conference in English

Jerry MintzConsultant, Author, Speaker.

Jerry Mintz has been a leading voice in the alternative school movement for over 30 years.

In addition to his seventeen years of experience as a principal and teacher of public and independent alternative schools, he has also contributed to the creation of more than one hundred public and private alternative schools and organizations.

In 1989, he founded the Alternative Education Resource Organization and has been its director ever since. Jerry was the first executive director of the National Coalition of Community Alternative Schools (NCACS), and was a founding member of IDEC.

He has been a speaker and consultant in over twenty-five countries around the world.

Conference :

Did the Education Revolution Just Happen?  What to do Now!

Jerry will talk about the ways that we are changed forever in education, and what our role should be now to keep working toward empowering, learner-centered, democratic education.

Aashti – QuebecReturn row 2 Speakers

Aashti – Quebec

Conference in English

AashtiBorn in Quebec, Aashti spend her time between Canada – Europe – India.
As a therapist, astrologer, spiritual teacher, a lover of nature and an alchemical shaman. She has been guiding people on their inner journey, for the last 30 years, helping them recognize their “Oneness with Life’ and honoring their “Uniqueness”. She met the mystic OSHO, in the late 1980s, studied, lived and worked as a therapist for five years at his center in India.

In 2005, She launched her school IN-TUITION* and currently shares her experience in many countries, with different culture around the world through workshops, retreats, conferences and individual meetings (in person or on the web).
In 2014, she went through the “ dark night of the soul”. In that surrender JOY, PEACE and LOVE emerged, something that no one and nothing can take away. Her down to earth approach, her clear vision and intuition coupled with a keen understanding of the human psyche, has helped people to cut through their identifications and to reconnect with their inner wisdom and intelligence. She ultimately invites you to trust the calling home from the Heart bringing you to SELF.

* With a wide experience, lasting over the last 30 years, she has developed her own approach ; combining shamanic tools, experiantial astrology , creative arts, meditation, sacred and transpersonal psychology.

Conference :

IN-TUITION. Learning from Inside

LIFE is the School, each situation that comes our way is an invitation to learn, to grow, to develop our potentials, to express our ressources, talents.
Did you learn at school to look from within… to listen to this little voice inside , the One who knows.?
We learned and continue to teach our children how to survive , what they should do to protect, to hide, to react according to what the other expect from them. Even if that means denying one’s truth. We learned these mecanisms very fast and they become our identity. And we forget who we really are.

Mother nature is screeming loud theses days to remind us. WHO ARE YOU? Are you in tune? Are you Walking your talk?

I learn so much from the natives… all over the world
They are not asking what are you doing , how much you earn or spend, your degrees and certificates, your religion?
They are asking us , What are you offering? what did you came to offer?
This way to look and approach the other is totally different. It address the Being , his uniqueness and look at how the community can support his natural creative expression.
How your soul came to serve? And what does it needs to learn.
Let’s explore how to reconnect with the Knowledge and Wisdom that we are.
How to develop and trust our inner guide, our Intuition which is our capacity to learn from inside and allow us to walk our talk on the path of total RESPONSE – ABILITY, the path of FREEDOM.

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Thierry Pardo – Quebec CanadaRetour ligne 3 Conférenciers

Thierry Pardo – Quebec Canada

Conference in French with translation in English (Deonne Parker)

Thierry PardoAuthor, researcher and longtime lecturer, he has been interested in education outside the classroom for 30 years.

A recognized specialist in alternative and vernacular modes of education, an independent researcher associated with the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), he was a member of the socio-scientific committee of the World Congresses on Environmental Education (Marrakech 2013, Gothenburg 2015) and a trainer for the European Union’s youth commission.

Author of about fifteen books on educational freedom including “Une éducation sans école” (Écosociété, 2017) or “Au nom du pire” (Le Hêtre-Myriadis, 2020).

Thierry Pardo is also an Aikido teacher and the father of two beautiful boys, Lylhèm and Eÿkèm.

Conference :

Living an education without school: the ways of educational piracy

The school, by the immensity of its deployment, has become an obvious choice for many families. Yet this exercise in conformity often prevents one from finding the path to oneself. There are educational paths that do not require confinement, comparison and obedience, this conference proposes to discover them.

Derry Hannam – United KingdomRetour ligne 3 Conférenciers

Derry Hannam – United Kingdom

Conference in English

Derry HannamHe became the deputy head teacher of a pioneering English community school, where the school is a learning resource for the whole community and the whole community is a learning resource for the school.

He then became a school inspector where he tried to support other teachers and schools with similar ideas ………
He has worked with many European school student organisations on the issue of school democracy including OBESSU (the European School Students Organisation) and FSS, the Finnish school students organisation, where the students led their own school democracy project. He successfully campaigned for the creation of an English school students association and has recently done the same for young people being educated at home.

He argues that these experiences and qualities are exactly what the world needs at this time and for a future confronted with the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but that most schools and school systems, with some exceptions that he describes as “pioneers of possibility”, are not providing them. They are instead trapped in a factory ‘production line’ model of education which inhibits imagination, creativity and learning.


Another Way is Possible: Becoming a Democratic Teacher in a State School

He argues that young people are natural learners who need time and space to pursue their interests, to cultivate their curiosity, to be creative, and to collaborate with each other.


Dr Ian Cunningham – United KingdomRetour ligne 3 Conférenciers

Dr Ian Cunningham – United Kingdom

Conference in English

Ian CunninghamIan is Chair of Governors of Self Managed Learning College in Brighton, UK. SML College is a unique organisation that supports young people (aged 9-16) in managing their own learning. The College provides a learning community that enables young people to learn to lead a good life. There are no classrooms, there is no formal teaching, each student creates their own curriculum and writes their own timetable.

In addition to this main work Ian is a:- Dancer (member of Three Score Dance Company since 2011); Welder and metal sculptor; Organisation Development consultant (for 40 years); Writer (7 books and over 100 published articles and papers); Company Director (since 1984).

Self Managed Learning College not only supports young people in the Brighton area but also assists others to develop the approach to learning. Ian has worked with schools and community organisations throughout the UK as well as in Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Korea, Puerto Rico and Sweden.


The need for a New Educational Paradigm – and the case of Self Managed Learning as part of this

The existing educational paradigm does not stand up to scrutiny. It is maintained by those in power who do not accept the manifest evidence of the failures of the current system.  We have to present the evidence that there is a New Educational Paradigm with the global development of the kind of work that we have all been doing. A better approach that responds to the real needs of young people is here already – and it’s working. Our own contribution to this is our Self Managed Learning College, which has proved that we don’t need classrooms, imposed curricula, and adult imposed rules. Young people need to be free to learn what they want, how they want, when they want and why they want to learn.


Richard Fransham – CanadaReturn row 3 Speakers

Richard Fransham – Canada

Conference in English

Richard FranshamRichard Fransham became an advocate for fundamental change in public schools almost from the start of his long career in education.
His dissatisfaction with teaching caused him to quit more than once, and his strong advocacy for change resulted in him being reprimanded for not respecting the chain of command. Another time he was suspended indefinitely for refusing to “cease and desist” his advocacy.

By an unusual alignment of circumstance he had the opportunity to co-create the CHIP Program that will be introduced in his session. Like so many such programs in public schools, CHIP had a short life because of changes in administration. Having lived through CHIP the experience of students blossoming/healing when they feel respected and have significant control over their lives, he is now slave to the cause.

“The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it,
keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out.
There’s no innocence. Either way, you’re accountable.”
Arundhati Roy

Conference :

Growing a Public School Self-Directed Learning Program Into System Wide Change

This session will begin with a description of The CHIP Program, which ran as a school within a typical high school of about 1000 students. It involved 25 students and two-teacher team each working a half day each in the program. The students were mixed-age from grades 10 to 12 and represented a general cross section of the school population. They stayed together all day and were freed from formal scheduling, which Larry Rosenstock of High Tech High identifies as the single greatest impediment to educational innovation. The only criteria for students to be accepted into the program were that they were coming to school to learn and they agreed to help build a community of learners. The program was only partially democratic and self-directed. Students were required to obtain credits in ministry curriculum, but they had control over how they would achieve the required learning.

This session will then consider how a program like CHIP can be a starting point for an orderly, least disruptive transformation of public education, paced to people’s readiness for change. People attending the session will then be introduced to Uniting for Children and Youth, an entity created as a meeting place for people wanting to get out of their silo’s to work together. The international Child Friendly Community Conference, designed to raise general awareness of democratic education, which begins on the UN World Children’s Day, is a result of people coming together under the UCY banner, (You see why?).