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Internation Summit on Education for the Future

Web IDEC was free access for all: 50 conferences from around the world, with speakers of international renown and others less well known.
You can see them all here.
In return, we invite you to participate in the survival and continuity of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir in Nepal, the organizer of the event, whose entire income collapsed during this health crisis. At the end of the year 2020, he needs funds to buy the rice of the year – 40 tons – in order to feed the children until autumn 2021. The purchase is made for the whole year in order to obtain good quality at lower cost.
THANK YOU for your help! And nice conferences!

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Official opening: Web IDEC 2020

Enchanted welcoming.
Welcome and official opening of the event by Ramchandra Das

Presentation of the whole event by Veda, in English, and Abel, in French
Presentation of the speakers present: each of them will present in 2 or 3 minutes his intervention during the event.

1st session: Friday, October 23rd : 9:30, LA – 12:30 NY – 17:30, London – 18:30, Paris – 22:00, Delhi
2nd session: F 23 : 19:00, LA – 22:00, NY // S 24 : 3:00, London – 7:30, Delhi – 13:00, Sydney

Opening Web Event

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Open Space

Hundreds of activities from all over the world: workshops, talks, round tables, discussions, shows, etc.

In the spirit of the IDEC Meetings, we have opened a wiki space where anyone, anywhere in the world, provided they have a good internet connection, can offer and share an activity:

Talk / Interview // Workshop // Course // Seminar // Show // Concert // Sharing / Discussion // Round table // Guided tour // Game // Film, etc.

In English, French or bilingual, each activity appears instantly, as soon as it is recorded, on the French or English-speaking agenda.

All the explanations, as detailed as possible, if they are followed, allow each activity to find its place in this vast global programme. For the Internet user, there is also the possibility to search among the activities proposed by selecting criteria of language, category of activity, date or age of the public.

Greenwich time is the base time chosen to ensure a coherent agenda.

Each activity specifies the local times in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Delhi and Sydney to which the activity is accessible.

We hope that this Web IDEC 2020 will be the occasion for a great international meeting and multiple contacts between all!

What are the conditions?

You just need to have access to a good internet connection, register with an access provider for meetings and videoconferences… and after creating your meeting, come to the IDEC 2020 website to register your activity.

What are the best videoconferencing solutions?

The best known, Zoom offers you encounters up to 100 people for a maximum of 40 minutes in its free version.

Jitsi is an open-source solution. It works very well with up to 35 or even 50 participants together. At the same time, the streaming can be sent on youtube and reach hundreds and thousands of people. There is no time limit… and no limit on the number of meetings.

Logo Titre Web IDEC 2020

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The Baobab Webidec Café

The space for informal meetings and exchanges, open 24 hours a day

In French-speaking Africa, the baobab tree is generally the village’s speaking tree, the traditional gathering place, in the shade of which one expresses oneself about life in society or the problems of the village and where children come to listen to stories told by a village elder.

In our Open Space, the Baobab Webidec Café is the zoom room which is accessible from September 24th to November 8th, 24 hours a day, where everyone can come and chat with those who are there! It is the heart of the Open Space, the place for spontaneous and informal meetings and exchanges open to all.

The Speaking Tree

Special Web IDEC General Gathering

In IDEC conference, every morning we come together, meet one another, play a collective game, sing a song together. With the same spirit, in Web-IDEC too, General gathering is the time for all of us to come together and do something collectively as a family. 
We will sing a song together, or we will play a virtual game together.

October 25, 26, 28, 30 & 31
The day before: Los Angeles : 6 pm  //  New-York – Montréal : 9 pm
Delhi : 6:30 am  // Singapore : 9 am  //  Tokyo: 10 am  // 
Sydney : 12 pm

November 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
The day before: Los Angeles: 5 pm  //  New-York – Montréal: 8 pm
Delhi: 6:30 am  // Singapore: 9 am  //  Tokyo: 10 am  // 
Sydney: 12 pm

October 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31
Los Angeles : 11 am  //  New-York – Montréal : 2 pm  //  Londres : 6 pm  //  Paris : 7 pm  //  Kiev: 8 am  //  Delhi : 11:30 pm  //  Sydney : 5 am the day after

November 3, 4 & 7
Los Angeles : 10 am  //  New-York – Montréal : 1 pm  //  Londres : 6 pm  //  Paris : 7 pm  //  Kiev: 8 am  //  Delhi : 11:30 pm  //  Sydney : 5 am the day after

Yogic Wake UpReturn menu

Yogic Wake Up

Yogic Wake-Up with Ramchandra – Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra Chanting, Yoga

Every Saturday and Sunday, from October 24th to November 8th at 7:00 a.m. – Paris time, in French, and at 6:00 a.m. – New York time, in English, (7:00 am the 24th), Ramchandra Das offers a Yogic awakening:

– Heart Meditation – 30 minutes of concentration and listening to the heart under the guidance of Ramchandra.
– Pranayama – 30 minutes of yogic breathing exercises – Affordable for all!
– Chanting Mantras – 30 minutes with Ramchandra Das and some young people from Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir
– Yoga – 1 hour and 30 minutes of exercises and postures to soften all the joints and allow the body a good blood circulation and vitality.

Yogic Wake Up

Closing and OutlookReturn Menu

Closing and Outlook

Closing – Review – Outlook: Web IDEC 2021 ?

Enchanted welcome.
Closing remarks of the event by Ramchandra Das.
Review of the whole event by Véda, in English, and Abel, in French.
Some sharing of the speakers and exchanges on perspectives. Is an IDEC 2021 web IDEC relevant?

We will set the dates for this closing session during the event to see with you what would be most appropriate.

You can already let us know your wishes and ideas on this subject.

Closing and Outlook