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Internation Summit on Education for the Future



Henry Readhead - England

Marc et Cathy Vella - France

Marko Koskinen - Finlande

Marko Koskinen - Web IDEC 2020

Henry Readhead – EnglandRetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Conference in English

Vice-Principal of the Summerhill School in England.
Henry Readhead is the grandson of Alexander Sutherland Neil, the founder of the Summerhill School, where he grew up.
Summerhill is the very first free school where adults and children have equal status. It was founded almost a century ago. The philosophy of the school is to allow the freedom of the individual – each child being able to follow his or her own path in life, following his or her own interests to develop into the person they personally feel they are destined to be.

As a music teacher, he teaches singing and musical techniques.

He is also an exciting speaker invited in many countries to speak about free and democratic education.

Olivier Clerc

Marc & Cathy Vella – FranceRetour ligne 1 Conférenciers

Conference in French

Marc Vella
Nomadic pianist, Composer, Author, Lecturer.
1st Prize for Composition at the TIm in Rome in 1999. Author of the Best-Seller “Eloge de la Fausse Note”.
Founder of the Love Caravan and the School of the False Note.

With his grand piano, he has travelled nearly 300,000 kms on the roads and paths of nearly 50 countries to celebrate the human.
He gives concerts-conferences all over the world and intervenes in many environments: prisons, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

Cathy Vella
Musician, Music Therapist, Composer, Researcher in pedagogy.

Cathy Vella works on the elaboration of a pedagogy that takes into account the child as a whole.

Olivier Clerc

Conference :

Quinte et Sens

Quand s’épousent ton soi et ta nature, se réalise la Quinte intérieure menant à ton essence. Se révèle alors ta quintessence que le monde espère… Tant que tu es hors de ta Quinte, la vie t’esquinte…


Marko Koskinen – FinlandeRetour ligne 2 Conférenciers

Conference in English

Computer scientist, Founder of the Pheonix School, the first democratic school and the first online school in Finland.

It is based on an autonomous home school system with a Data Builders learning environment designed especially for the school. It is a student-centred system of active learning, socialisation, peer learning and information retrieval that allows the complete primary school cycle to be completed from start to finish.
Marko Koskinen created the student-centred software. They are thus completely autonomous in their learning. In Finland, a pupil has completed primary school when he or she has completed all the compulsory subjects in all the required components and topics. By law, a pupil must attend school for ten years after starting primary school, but there is nothing to prevent the pupil from completing primary school more quickly. After completing primary school, the pupil is no longer in school.

He has made a significant contribution to building the EUDEC community.

Olivier Clerc