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Yoga with Ramchandra

Yogic Wake Up

« Yoga » is the Sanskrit word derived from the Sankrit root​ « yuj » which means « to connect or join ». So it is the union between the individual self and the Divine self. It helps us to realize our identity with the divine self..

There are various definitions of yoga from lineage ;

In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna defines yoga as « Samatvam Yoga Uchyate » : Yoga is balanced state of the body, mind, emotions, thought and intellect.

Patanjali’s definition of Yoga is « Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah », which means « yoga is the removal of the fluctuation of mind ».

Sri Aurobindo’s definition of yoga is : « All life is yoga ». According to him the object of Yoga is to enter into and be possessed by the Divine Presence and Consciousness, to love the Divine’s sake alone, to be turned in our nature into nature of the divine and in our will and works and life to be the instrument of the divine.

Heart Meditation

Heart Meditation

Heart-Listening Meditation – 30 minutes

Meditation is a state of mind and consciousness in which there is alertness, dynamism, dissociation of mind and senses, and total concentration. This is a steady, continuous flow of attention directed towards the same point of region.

Ramchandra Das invites and guides you to focus on your heartbeat.
Little by little, step by step, he guides you is to be totally present to these beats, to return again and again to this listening.

From there, a new and unknown world is offered to the meditator. It is a space where the usual noises of thoughts are silenced, leaving room for a vastness of presence.

Ramchandra - Méditation du Cœur

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6:00 – 6:30 – New York hour

International Summit on Education for the Future – Saturday 24 (7 to 7:30)- Sunday 25 and Saturday 31 October – Sunday 1, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November



Yogic Breathing Workshop – 30 minutes

The word pranayama is combination of the word « prana » and « ayama ».

The word « ayama » means « expanding the dimension of prana ». The word « prana » means « restrains, or to control ». So here pranayama refers to the control or restrain of the prana, the material and immaterial breath: the breath that one breathes in and out, and the immaterial vital principle that is called energy in popular parlance.

Ramchandra invites you to practice some basic exercises, in all simplicity, where you are at, and with the abilities that are yours. It is therefore a practice accessible to everyone, both beginner and experienced yogi, each one adapting his or her breathing rhythm and times and holding them according to his or her abilities. It guides and accompanies you little by little through different breaths for a day and a life more breathed … more inspired!

Ramchandra - Pranayama - ISEFF

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6:30 – 7:00 – New York hour

International Summit on Education for the Future – Saturday 24 (7:30 to 8) – Sunday 25 and Saturday 31 October – Sunday 1, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November

Chanting Mantra

Chanting Mantra

Workshop with Ramchandra and Ashram Youth – 30 minutes

In the Sanskrit language, sound expresses an essence when in our languages words are more like clothes. A mantra is a sometimes very short phrase of sounds. It always expresses or invites to a very deep knowledge of oneself and of life. This is why it often takes a whole long paragraph to translate a few sounds of a short mantra.

Chanting is a vibration. It reinforces the vibratory power of the mantras.

Ramchandra Das and some young people invite you to chant some simple mantras practiced regularly by the ashram children. This time of chanting mantras is called “kirtan”: the mantra is sung by a main voice and echoed by all,

Chant des Mantras

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7:00 – 7:30 – New York hour

International Summit on Education for the Future – Saturday 24 (8 to 8:30) – Sunday 25 and Saturday 31 October – Sunday 1, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November

Yoga – Asana – Flexibilities

Yoga – Asana – Flexibilities

Workshop with Ramchandra – 1 hour 30 minutes

Asana is the first part of hatha yoga. It’s a Sanskrit term meaning “posture or exercise.”.

The practice of asana one gets steadiness (firmness) of the body and mind, disease lessness and lightness of the limbs. it is a specific position which opens the energy channels and psychic centers. The yogic tradition says that in all there are eight-four lakh of asana, i.e. there are as many asanas as forms of life. Asanas were done to evolve the consciousness from the lower to the highest state. Therefore, some asanas imitate the shapes of the bow or boat; plants like tree and the lotus; reptiles ,fish , birds saints like Vashishtha and gods such as Nataraja.

During this morning session, Ramchandra Das will guide you towards a mobilization and relaxation of all joints, in a simple practice accessible to all.

Yoga avec Ramchandra

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7:30 – 9:00 – New York hour

International Summit on Education for the Future – Saturday 24 (8:30 to 10) – Sunday 25 and Saturday 31 October – Sunday 1, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November

Book of Ramchandra

Webinars with RamReturn Menu

Webinars with Ramchandra

Words of The Mother – 1 hour – Every Sunday – All the year

Web-satsang with Ramchandra Das

Every Sunday – Language : English

Local Time Zones

Starting november 15th
LA – 8:00  /  New York – 11:00  /  London – 16:00  /  Paris – 17:00  /  Delhi – 21:30  /  Sydney – 3:00 Monday morning

Ramchandra invites you to meet him during one hour as he does several times a week with the children and youths of the ashram: teachings – and answers to questions – based on a text written by the Mother of Pondicherry and chosen by Ramchandra.

It is a wonderful opportunity to discover or deepen the Mother’s teachings shared in the Ashram or in her books for some fifty years.

Ramchandra’s webinars are part of the new activities implemented by Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir to minimize the huge loss of income due to the international health situation.

Webinars with Ramchandra

Book of Ramchandra

The Child of HimalayasReturn Menu

Ramchandra, the Child of Himalayas

An autobiographical book, narrated by Ramchandra Das, written by Abel Millot.

The life of a modern day yogi in the service of the children of Nepal

RAMCHANDRA, CHILD OF THE HIMALAYAS recounts the life story of an extraordinary man.

Set off on foot from his small Himalayan village in Nepal at the age of 12, without a word to his parents or his siblings and the determination to gain some money to help his family, Ramchandra Das finds himself first on the streets of India, soon after recruited into the Indian army, and then initiated as a Sadhu at the age of 15. At the age of 21, his journey brings him to the Sri Aurobindu Ashram in Pondichery where he lives and studies for 10 years.

Twenty years after his departure Ramchandra returns to his native homeland in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal where he founds an incredible Ashram-School and orphanage, which, over the years since its creation in 1993, has housed, educated, and nourished over 700 children from the poorest families of Nepal. Thanks to his dedication and work, these children have been given the right to a life and education of decency and dignity, learning autonomous life skills that guarantee a future much more plentiful and rich in oppotunity than the situations from which their own backgrounds could ever have offered.

To read Ramchandra’s story is to dive directly into the heart of the spirituality of the great Indian sage of the last century, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the originators of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India where Ramchandra lived many years of his young adult life, gaining rich first hand experience of their philosophies and the practical implementation of Integral Yoga into every aspect of life.

Ramchandra, the Child of Himalayas

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